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Preparing for your high school senior photo shoot should be fun, not stressful! First off, find a photographer by looking at their social media pictures and pick a style you like. Book your session earlier rather then later to get a date and time that works for your schedule. Seniors in Michigan start scheduling as soon as school gets out in the summer; but typically July/Aug/Sept are the most popular months. Below are some of my PRO tips for the season, I hope you find them helpful! This is an experience you will remember for years to come, have fun on your photo shoot… this is your time to SHINE!

Rochester Adams High School | Congratulations Graduates! | Sharon VonBehren Photography- Rochester Photography

Today marks the end of a chapter for my household. It’s been an long 17 years of elementary, middle and high school days! Rochester community schools has done a fabulous job of preparing my children and all of these kids for future of success. I am excited to see what lies ahead for all of these girls. As my older kids are graduating from college my youngest is graduating from High School… Keeping on track, working hard, playing hard. That is what life is all about, peace/love/happiness. God Bless you all today and everyday 🙂

Wedding Bliss and #CheerstotheBiers2017 | Sharon VonBehren Photography | The Perfect Wedding Day

It was a beautiful Spring day for the lovely couple. You couldn’t find two people more relaxed on their special day. It set the tone for a very fun filled day. Waldonwood Resort is tucked away and was such a unique place to celebrate their fairy-tale wedding. Amy and Kelly so eloquently expressed their love for each other in a very private ceremony; and afterwards celebrated with their closest family and friends. Although I am not a wedding photographer, if every wedding was like this I would do them ALL the time! So much fun to capture and be apart of their special day. I picked some of my favorite images to share from the day. Enjoy!

Rochester High School Senior Photos | Derek Kepczynski – Class of 2017

Some guys are into doing there senior photos, and others not! Not saying that Derek wasn’t engaged in this process, but he totally did this session for the love of his mother! Here you go Shelly, such a fine young man you raised…

Tips for preparing for a High School Senior Photoshoot | Sharon Vonbehren Photography |

It’s finally your turn to be center stage! Class of 2017, do your homework and come prepared for your session. As I pulled up this morning to VanHoosen Farms, my favorite shooting location in Rochester, I was excited to see the beautiful light shining through the trees. As I walked around, my tennis shoes got wet from the morning dew. Ah, how I love summer mornings! I was so appreciative when my clients pulled up at 7:45, 15 minutes early for the session. As mother of three kids, I never take this for granted. I know how hard it is to pull yourself out of bed! Taylor was bright eyed and ready to go. She followed all of the instructions I put in the mail to her! She had texted me her outfits the day before for feedback and also sent me images of shots that she saw on my website that she liked. As you can see below, Taylor had three unique outfits: a dress, a colored top with jeans and a long sleeve sweater with texture and style. This couldn’t look any more simple right? But guess what, I am certain they put a lot of thought into the selections! The session couldn’t have gone anymore smoothly and I am overjoyed with the results.

As we were leaving the session, her mother was so happy, said that the weight of planning for the session and the worrying about the weather, her hair, makeup etc. was all done and she couldn’t be happier. I love hearing feedback from the families. I know this can be stressful, so try and be as prepared as possible and your session is sure to be a success!